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Artist Statement

Untitled (Pow Wow), is a tintype portrait series documenting many citizens of the Sioux Tribe at a modern day Pow Wow. Some participants were dressed in traditional regalia while others wore contemporary clothing. Digital portraits were taken of each individual then transferred onto tin. Sixteen of the nineteen tintypes are paired together as an installation piece at the North Dakota Museum of Art. All images were sold to the NDMOA in 2018 for their permanent collection. 

Subject’s names in order:  Nazhoni Lone Bear, Deborah Hosie, Terence Fiddler (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe), Meah Bird, Kelsey Morin, Leigh Jeanotte, Francis Morin, Fred Ducheneaur, Mary Morin, Sam Dacini, Dannielle DeCotear, Kella Withhorn, Gavin Nadeau, Chaske Lablancq, Felicia Lone Bear, Cody Fox, Dannielle DeCotear, Dawson Dudos, David Carson.

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